Camping L'air Marin : Tourisme


Now let’s head to the south of Vias, towards the Pyrénées-Orientales: in the far south of France, visit Collioure “The Catalan”, a beautiful coastal village by Spain, and end your day with a glass of Banyuls and a view of the sea.

A few kilometers further, the Spanish border (Perthus, la Jonquera, 1h30 from the campsite): just a quick stop, there isn’t much to see, but great prices on cigarettes and alcohol, for example.

In Spain, explore Cadaquès (2h20 from the campsite), a charming village nestled in a bay surrounded by mountains with white houses and rocky cliffs.

Push on a little further to Barcelona, 3h from the campsite: Spain is at your fingertips for a colorful holiday!