Camping L'air Marin : Tourisme

Tourism and Region

Our 4-star Air Marin campsite in Vias-Plage is surrounded by many tourist attractions that are must-sees if you stay with us. Here is an overview of what awaits you in the Languedoc-Roussillon

Overview of the area around the campsite

Air Marin Campsite: Sunset 1016775 1280 400x300

Languedoc Roussillon


In the Languedoc-Roussillon region, we know how to make you feel[…]

Air Marin Campsite: Collioure

Pyrénées Orientales


Now let’s head to the south of Vias, towards the Pyrénées-Orientales:[…]

Air Marin Campsite: Square Montpellier



If you feel like leaving your favorite campsite, one of[…]

Air Marin Campsite: Agde Cathedral

Cap d’Agde, Agde, Grau d’Agde

Le Cap d'Agde
34300 Agde

Cap d’Agde Air Marin is only 10 km away from this[…]

Air Marin Campsite: Canal

Canal du Midi

Canal du Midi

Spend your holiday next to an architectural triumph: the Canal[…]

Air Marin Campsite: Vias Market F34 Hérault


34450 Vias

Forget the stress of driving every day, you can get[…]

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Nearby Activities

Right next to Air Marin in Vias-Plage, even more activities:

  • Horseback riding (Vias-Plage)
  • Go-karting (Vias-Plage)
  • Mini-golf (Vias-Plage)
  • Scuba diving (Cap d’Agde)
  • 18-hole golf course (Cap d’Agde)
  • Jet skiing, banana boat, paddleboarding (Vias beach)
  • Parasailing, water skiing (Vias beach)
  • Ropes course (Cap d’Agde, Portiragnes, Béziers)
  • Canoeing (Roquebrun, on the Orb, and Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert on the Hérault)
  • Boat ride (Cap d’Agde marina)
  • Catamaran ride (Cap d’Agde)
  • Fishing (Canal du Midi and sea, Vias)
  • Boat rental without a license and cruises on the Canal du Midi

And because holidays are for celebrating, there are many fun activities and events to enjoy with family or friends in the Languedoc-Roussillon in the south of France all season long:

  • Theme parks: Europark and Europark Indoor (Vias), Lunapark (Cap d’Agde and Marseillan-Plage)
  • Water parks: Aqualand and Cap Jacko (Cap d’Agde)
  • Animal parks: Cactus Park (Vias), African Reserve (Sigean), Lunaret Zoo (Montpellier), Mini-farm (Cessenon-sur-Orb), Dinoland in Cap d’Agde (200 m2 of water games and outdoor playgrounds).
  • Aquariums: Cap d’Agde, Montpellier, Grau-du-Roi
  • Places to party: the Ile des Loisirs with nightclubs (Cap d’Agde), the famous naturist camp (Cap d’Agde)

No trip to the Hérault is complete without a bike!

Camping L'air Marin : Velo

Explore the region by bike on the roads, along the Canal du Midi, or along mountain biking paths that wind through the countryside. Alone or with a group, beginner or experienced, relaxed or extreme, there is something for everyone! Click on this map for a bike route that starts at the campsite.